If you are an ambitious professional who also wants to work in an energetic, relationship-oriented, forward-thinking firm, you’ll want to consider employment with Price Kong.

Your professional goals matter to us, and we provide our employees with access to all the resources traditionally reserved for larger firms in a conveniently located, spacious work environment equipped with the latest technology. Our ability to provide personal guidance to professionals as they develop combined with our ability to integrate a variety of backgrounds and skills into an effective team represent some of the reasons for our success and the successful careers of our staff.

We're Different. Perhaps it appears that all accounting firms function essentially the same way. However, Price Kong operates very differently when it comes to our management philosophy and the relationship between staff, management, and our clients.

Relationships. To understand what it’s like to work for Price Kong, you must understand how we treat our clients. Our relationship with our clients are built on concern for them as individuals as well as a business owners. Whether it is a tax plan analysis, an evaluation of current investments, or preparation of a retirement plan, we help them analyze and plan the most advantageous options. Likewise, our relationship with you as an employee is very important to us – we know that when our staff is happy, our clients are happy.

Education. We encourage the highest level of education possible and have provided our team with cutting edge training, multiple industry expertise, and the resources necessary to help you achieve our clients’ goals.

Opportunity. By joining Price Kong, you will have the opportunity to interact with clients and to feel a sense of accomplishment at being involved with engagements from start to finish. You will begin by being responsible for small projects, and will develop your skills to accept responsibility for larger engagements. Our client mix includes a diverse group of successful business owners all over the United States, providing varied experience and rapid professional growth.

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