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Construction CPAs

Construction CPA firm in Phoenix

Cyclical real estate development, the increasing demand for LEED-certified buildings, and many other economic factors make the construction industry one of the most challenging. Hence, the need to monitor & maintain the financial health of your construction business.

The future is bright – innovation will drive healthy growth for this industry, and having a business advisor who thoroughly understands the past, present and future of construction will give you the edge that means the difference between simply surviving slower development periods to thriving, full-steam ahead.

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Cash Flows

We help you by preparing and analyzing cash flow projections and stabilizing cash flow. We understand that cash flow is critical to your business. Stable cash flow enables you to make adjustments without depending on short-term loans. It is also necessary in preparing budgets and determining the best long- and short-term investments.

Construction CPAs

Evaluating Job Costing Systems

Your job costing system can make or break your company’s cash flow, profitability and effective use of staff time. We review your current job costing system, suggesting changes where appropriate, or we can help you apply a new system that better meets your needs. Either way, our focus is to make sure that you get the proper training and on-going support required to operate the system and reap the most benefits from it.

Developing Creative Financing Solutions

Obtaining financing is a bit of an art. Even more so in the current economy. Price Kong can help you choose and negotiate the right loan for your business needs, completing complex applications and ensuring that you have suitable records to present to the lender.

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Construction Accounting

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